Create view (not using edit view)

Hi, Is there a way to change the create view for a module? This is for a custom module called orders.
Quick create is not used, as a record for this module is never created via a subpanel.
When you are on the module page and click create order, it displays the edit view. This is not what we want. Is there away when you click create order on the module page, it opens the quick create view not the edit view?

Many Thanks

Version 7.10.7
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Check this post for some ideas:



There is no direct/simple way to do it.
One thing you can do for your ease. You can go to Your Module

And copy the view fields from this quick create definition file




So in this case, both of the view will become the same.

And if you want to keep the 2 views different. Then you can modify the list view and the detail view tpl files for your module to add quickcreate view links instead of edit view links.


Sorry, I made not bee too clear. Is it possible to change this button to open the quick create form and not the edit form?


It’s very easy. You can make the custom menu file:
Look at as an example:

Thanks, This is what i am looking for, However If i change the file

/modules/CoMO_Orders/Menu.php It works, If i copy the file to /custom/modules/CoMO_Orders/Menu.php and make the edits it does not work.

All i am doing is changing this line:

$module_menu[] = array('index.php?module=CoMO_Orders&action=EditView&return_module=CoMO_Orders&return_action=DetailView', $mod_strings['LNK_NEW_RECORD'], 'Add', 'CoMO_Orders');

to this

$module_menu[] = array('index.php?module=CoMO_Orders&action=QuickCreate&return_module=CoMO_Orders&return_action=DetailView', $mod_strings['LNK_NEW_RECORD'], 'Add', 'CoMO_Orders');

Sorry. I checked directories. File with line should be here:

Thanks, This adds to the menu not replaces it, Is there away to remove items from the menu?

You can change array $module_menu completely.

$module_menu[] = array('index.php?module=CoMO_Orders&action=QuickCreate&return_module=CoMO_Orders&return_action=DetailView', $mod_strings['LNK_NEW_RECORD'], 'Add', 'CoMO_Orders');

The first line clean all data in array $module_menu.

Fantastic Thanks you.