Create transactional emails in Sendgrid with fields from a SuiteCRM module

I have a transactional email template in Sendgrid that I use to send an order confirmation email to my clients after they have placed an order.
There are certain fields such as order number and invoice amount that are generated in SuiteCRM.
Is it possible for me to access these fields in Sendgrid so that when the order confirmation email is sent, it contains data from these fields?

Any help in how I can execute this will be highly appreciated.

Also if there is a different email platform aside from Sendgrid that you use for this purpose, please let me know.

Most people using SuiteCRM use an email platform called “SuiteCRM” to send emails with templates and variable substitution. :slight_smile:

If you need an external system, then you need to integrate. SuiteCRM is pretty good at being open for integration (API, and several other possible mechanisms) but what about the other side? Do you know of any ways in which Sendgrid gets that information from other apps?

I am just finding the SuiteCRM email editor tools to be a little difficult to use and so I was trying to see if I could somehow continue to use SendGrid for this purpose.
Just looked up some SendGrid integrations for SuiteCRM and will pursue that.