Create tasks based on previous calls?

I want to find a way to create a task for leads based on unsuccessful cold calls.

Suppose I have a list of targets. I want to try to cold call each of them 3 times, and if the calls are unsuccessful, I want a workflow that will create a task to tell me to go and doorknock them.

The best thing I can come up with is to create checkboxes in the target record for (Call 1 Unsuccessful, Call 2 Unsuccessful, and Call 3 Unsuccessful). With each unsuccessful cold call I would have to check the box manually.

When the box for “Call 3 Unsuccessful” I could have the doorknock task fire to create the task.

When I used Zoho, call logs had a duration. So I could assume that calls with a duration of < 30 seconds were unsuccessful. It doesn’t appear that SuiteCRM supports this. At least not in a way that my 3CX phone system will update it.

Are you using some add-on for 3CX integration? This would be a question for the makers of that add-on, I guess…