Create subpanel Contacts_2


adding a subpanel called contacts_2 in the sales module related to a separate default contacts database is possible?


SuiteCRM version -> 7.11.15
Php version -> 7.4

thank you

first of all, 7.4 is not supported, and you might experience problems using the newer version:

Secondly, you can add the additional relationship within the studio, even if there is already a relationship between the modules (or do you intend to load contacts from a different mysql-database?).

  1. SuiteCRM 7.11.15 with php 7.4 and ubuntu server working perfectly in my case

  2. Right, I have Contacts working after importing a large .csv, I need to create a Contacts_2 to import another csv for a new database and work with the two different sales subpanels.

You might be better off putting all the contacts in the same module, and differentiating them with some field.

Then you could have a couple of custom subpanels that add that field as a condition.

Good idea to put all the contacts in the same module and differentiate them with some field (something similar goes round in my head) I have to think about it, there are many different new fields to add in ‘Contacts_2’.
For ‘Contacts_1’ I added many new fields to import the csv well.

I think there will be too many fields for a standard user. mmmmmmmmm