Create scheduler for Workflow

Hello to all,
I created my workflow and I want it to start at a specific time
I don’t speak English well and for me it is very difficult to understand how to do it.
I have read that I have to link the scheduler with my workflow,
but how ?
Can you give me suggestions?


You have to enable “Workflow” scheduler Job from “Admin>>Scheduler” section and before this you have to follow these simple steps mentioned in the post by me.
Please check

The scheduler is enabled and works.
I try to explain myself

I create a workflow that collects all the leads of the day
The next day these leads must receive a welcome mail

How to do this?

I read all the topics and …
maybe I’m wrong but the only solution is to create a scheduler with logic hook

are there other solutions?


It is simple. Run a CRON Job once in a Day. And get all the leads created LAST DAY (YESTERDAY) and send them email.
You can simply write it in 1 function.

The Query Can be

“SELECT id from leads WHERE deleted=0 AND date(date_entered) = curdate() - INTERVAL 1 DAY”;
And then you need to create a template in Email Templates Module.
And get that template and parse it by yourself and send the email to each LEAD.

That’s it

I’m not able, but isn’t there a tutorial to do this?


I understand what you mean
yes it is so simple, but I have another problem

I have in my portal LEDs that reside 1 year ago, how can I send all of them an email notification every 15 days?

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