Create quote or opportunity based on template?

Hi all,

No bug or something like that, but more like a general question: in our company, we create 3 types of quotes. The quote type determines the kind of line items that need to be added on that quote. Let’s say:

Type 1 = Licenses
Add 3 lines: product A, product B, product C

Type 2 = Time & Material
Add 2 lines: Time, Material

Type 3 = Licenses + Time & Material
Add 5 lines: product A+B+C and Time+Material

I am thinking of 2 alternatives, but I don’t succeed (or now) how to set it up.

Option 1: Is there such a thing like “Quote template”? In that case, I would set up 3 templates and ask the user to start from this template (or “copy/paste”).

Option 2: Or should I do this by means of a workflow? In that case: are there any best practices on how to create line_items and line_item_groups, based on the creation of a quote (which fields need to be filled in, …?)

Thanks for any help! If you think there are good plugins to realize this: I’m open to any suggestion!

An easy way to make a Quote template is simply to have a Quote that you duplicate when you want to start a new one. Put it as a favorite, so it is easy to access quickly, and duplicate it every time you need a similar one.

The process can be made more intelligent, of course, with some extra automatism. But I would say it’s probably hard to do with Workflows and easier to achieve with logic hooks or even client-side customizations. Are you a PHP / Javascript developer, or do you have one there to work on this?

Thanks for the suggestion, pgr! Our key user was ok with the option of copy/paste from favourites.