Create Quote Error

Today I noticed that when I try to create a quote using the menu side bar in a full screen browser, I get a popup that says “An error occurred:”



If I shrink the browser window and click on the drop down arrow to the right side of Quotes, I get the same error.


However If I click on the menu icon and then the plus


I don’t get an error and the Create Form is displayed.

I have had this error in the past but I don’t remember what it I need to look at to find my problem.

Any suggestions where to look?



You can open the browser’s developer tools, network tab, and compare the request that works with the ones that don’t.

Found my issue. I had created a custom view file that had an error in it. I must have been trying something and got interrupted and failed to go back to fix the issue.

I removed the view to fix the problem.