create project with project template problem

I am using project with selected project template, however, no task in the template is created as expected.

Is it as design or a bug?

BTW, I looked into the codes in the modules\Project\Save.php, I cannot see relevant codes for creating project task using template.

Thanks for any reply.

did you fixed?

Which Version of SuiteCRM are you Using? Did you try to do the same process on Demo SuiteCRM to see if its fixed in the latest version?

$suitecrm_version = ‘7.11.3’;
php 7.2

Project not working on saving from project template with tasks

just timeout finished after 30 seconds…

if i comment data/SugarBean.php save funciton the line // $this->call_custom_logic(“before_save”, $custom_logic_arguments);

it works ok!

Fixed from a wrong way

First of all remove all << apostrophe ’ >> from project template and project template task
example: project template name: Account for client’s
task 1: Call client’s

Second: start table project_task => from mysql truncate table project_task;

i dont know if this is a bug or issue to load tasks to a project