create portal user in leads


I have the customer portal working nicely for a contact - contact gets email - with login/pass - they can login to joomla site - create case - view cases etc.

I am wondering if this can be accomplished for Leads –

We have a Dental website - and there is content only for dental professionals - and they need to login to see this info — rather than allowing them to register on joomla - my preference is to have them complete a web to lead form generated by suitecrm – and embedded into the joomla site –

when they submit the form - naturally - the lead is generated in Suitecrm - I can do a workflow item to send them an auto responder etc –

but this is the point where we would like to make them a portal user – but they are not necessarily a converted lead - so from what i can see - i would need to convert the lead to a contact - then ‘create portal user’ – but as mentioned - this lead may still only be a true lead — but I can’t create a portal user - and thus the lead can not log in to the site to see our ‘professional only’ content.

Also - when the user is created in Joomla - I would like the joomla user to be a member of a custom user group that I have setup - because we want to have a registered user group (default registered) for general patients - and a registered user group dental professionals.

Not sure if this should be posted as two separate topics - i am sure I will be moderated on this front.

wicked awesome application - not even Sugar PRO has portal feature.

i dont understand the idea can you be more clear.


To simplify the situation - we have a web to lead form on a joomla site that is a prerequisite to gaining entry to joomla content.

the joomla site is successfully configured for the suitecrm portal - i can able to ‘create portal user’ for contacts – but i wish to be able to do so with a lead

the lead is qualified to gain access to the restricted content in the joomla site - but he/she is not necessarily qualified to be converted from lead to contact.

does that clarify - thanks for you reply.