Create PDFs no longer working

Using the PDF templates for invoices and quotes no longer works

  1. Create a PDF template (or use the inbuilt ones)
  2. Create an invoice or quote
  3. use detail view to look at the quote/invoice
  4. Click Edit >> Print as PDF (or email pdf)
  5. Nothing happens

Expected result:
The ‘Save’ dialog appears and you can save the PDF

Actual result:
The URL changes to suitecrminstance/index.php?entryPoint=generatePdf but the screen remains blank.

Please help - this functionality is key to my users…

Hi SpudR,

What are your permissions? Can you navigate to Admin -> System Settings -> Configure AJAX User Interface and drag PDF Templates to disabled and save. Does this resolve your issue?



Same here. The trick above didn’t work. Also, in Quotes module, print quote as pdf, email quote and email quote as pdf all send me index.php?entryPoint=generatePdf

find and remove the following files:-


then run a quick repair and rebuild,

Thanks for highlighting this issue.


This worked indeed. Thanks.

Confirmed as working for me too.
Thanks for the fix :slight_smile:

Thanks !!!

Those 2 files are part of the SuiteCRM 7.1 update zip.

Can they be safely removed from the 7.1 update zip so they don’t get installed and cause the error?

yes they can be removed

Is it fair to say SA should roll out a fixed 7.1 update zip?

we will, but if you want to contribute your more than welcome

Is the only change the removal of the 2 files from the zip ?
There aren’t any dependencies from the installer code on these 2 files ?

I have the same issue and I installed an empty SugarCRM 6.5.16 upgraded it to SuiteCRM 7.01 then to SuiteCRM 7.1.

Generating pdf creates an empty page but I seem to have had problems updating to SuiteCRM because apparently tables are missing.

Here an extract of the log file:
Thu Apr 3 09:07:49 2014 [15023][1][FATAL] Query Failed: UPDATE aos_pdf_templates SET type = ‘AOS_Quotes’ WHERE type = ‘Quotes’: MySQL error 1146: Table ‘sugarcrm.aos_pdf_templates’ doesn’t exist
Thu Apr 3 09:07:49 2014 [15023][1][FATAL] Query Failed: UPDATE aos_pdf_templates SET type = ‘AOS_Invoices’ WHERE type = ‘Invoices’: MySQL error 1146: Table ‘sugarcrm.aos_pdf_templates’ doesn’t exist
Thu Apr 3 09:09:16 2014 [15023][1][FATAL] Query Failed: select,, securitygroups_default.module, securitygroups_default.securitygroup_id from securitygroups_default inner join securitygroups on securitygroups_default.securitygroup_id = where securitygroups_default.deleted = 0 and securitygroups.deleted = 0: MySQL error 1146: Table ‘sugarcrm.securitygroups_default’ doesn’t exist

sorry I meant --> SugarCRM 6.5.16 upgraded it to SuiteCRM 7.02 then to SuiteCRM 7.1.

This would get around the problem of database tables missing: If your sugar 6.5.16 is empty, and you want to get to suite 7.1, could you simply remove 6.5.16, and install the 7.1 full package?

Do I upgrade first from 6.5.16 to 7.1 to update the database. Delete the SugarCRM folder and reinstall the 7.1 SugarCRM keeping the database??? Or how do I go about it?

Assuming your 6.5.16 truly contains no data whatsoever, you could delete the entire contents of the 6.5.16 sugarcrm folder, upload suitecrm 7.1 full package to the folder, run the suitecrm installer, and tell it to use a new empty database. This should get around any of the possible database schema, table, column, or code file upgrade bugs with your upgrade from 6.5.16 to 7.02 to 7.1.

I am testing the upgrade process for 2 installations with customers, email campaigns and so on I currently maintain. It just that apparently the upgrade process did not add several tables associated with the invoice part.
How to I get the upgrade process to add all relevant tables. PrintPDF works in Version 7.02 and after the upgrade to 7.1 printPDF does not work at all. The fixes mentioned to delete 2 files does not work in my case.

If the upgrade process is not doing a proper job upgrading shouldn’t be the upgrade process be adjusted?

I am getting the feeling we are fighting the same battles as with the SugarCRM CE about 2-3 years ago when almost with every installation one had to fiddle around manually to get the software working after an upgrade.

Suite 7.1
Same Problem here, these the procedures I’ve follow:

  1. Create Invoice PDF template
  2. Crete Invoice, Edit, “Print as PDF” or “Email PDF” generate a redirect to http://siteroot/index.php?entryPoint=generatePdf and blank screen

I’ve try to:

  1. CMHOD all the root directory to 777 (as test) > Repair
  2. Disable Ajax from AOS_Invoce,AOS_Quote,AOS_PDF template
  3. Remove the files:


nothing works

You should check the sugarcrm.log located in the root of the suitecrm instance. Because when you click Edit, Print as PDF, or Email PDF, and get a blank white screen, what’s happening is Suite’s hitting a Fatal error, and logging it to the sugarcrm.log file. So open that file up in your FTP client and look for the Fatal error that happened around the timestamp of when you clicked the link that led to the blank white screen.