Create new fields

I have created a custom module using Module Builder in the SuiteCRM n I’ve deployed it before a month. Now I’d like to add more fields to those modules. Can u give me some ways to do this?

You can create new fields via Studio.

Go to Admin->Studio->->Fields.

Are there 2 ways to create fields for a module: Studio, Module Builder, right? Could u tell me which options( Studio or Module Builder ) is better and best practice to create new fields for this existing module in SuiteCRM.

Module Builder is used to create new modules, fields its relationship with another module etc. You can then either Deploy it and keep on changing there itself. Or Publish it and then install it.
Whereas Studio is used to make changes to the existing deployed(Installed) modules.
In your case, you can do it from the studio. Also, you want to create fields in default modules then Studio is the only option.

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I see, so just Studio is suitable n the best choice huh?
Thanks a bunch

Yes, for a deployed module.