Create new database or table prefix?

Do I really have to create a new database for the installation to work or is it possible to just set table prefixes.
I already have wordpress installed on the MySql and my host doesn’t allow me to create new databases.


Yeah it can be done but the sugar database is massive and I wouldn’t want to be mixing it up with other applications. Plus if your web host is only allowing you to have one database then I highly doubt you will have good enough hosting to run suiteCRM. Shared hosting is not recommended, you really need a VPS where you have full control of memory allocation and query limits etc. Shared hosting is usually far to restrictive.

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I see. Thank you for your reply.

If you have access to you php.ini then you might be ok, could try it and see how it goes.

Yeah I do. Could you quickly explain how to set up SuitCRM in the same database as wordpress. Because right now the installation only tells me that all previous tables will be wiped out when I install sit CRM. Should I write something in the config.php file (see below).

‘db_host_name’ => ‘*****’,
‘db_host_instance’ => ‘SQLEXPRESS’,
‘db_user_name’ => ‘woollybear_se’,
‘db_password’ => ‘*******’,
‘db_name’ => ‘woollybear_se’,
‘db_type’ => ‘mysql’,
‘db_port’ => ‘’,
‘db_manager’ => ‘MysqliManager’,

You may have to backup your wordpress database tables then install suite and then copy the wordpress tables back into the database.

Sweet. I will give it a try. Thank you very much