Create new cronjob

I have locally created new cron job named as “Test cron”,i want to run this cron job after every 2nd minut, but it is not working . i also i have created the .bat file and placed it at “C:”,
my code path is : “C:\xampp\htdocs\suitecrm”
PHP.ini file path is : “C:\xampp\php”
php.exe path is : “C:\xampp\php”

i have some confustions.
*) How i can check is it working fine or not ?
*) How my newly create schedule(cron job) is linked with my code. ?

please see the attachments for more detail

Detail view of Schedule

Edit view of Schedule

i have write my code snippet in “custom/modules/Schedulers/_AddJobsHere.php”

My code snippet

My .bat file

  1. Are you sure your cron.php is triggering? Do other jobs show a recent “last ran successfully” time? Does it appear to be in the correct timezone?

  2. If cron.php is triggering, what errors is your job throwing? Did you check suitecrm.log AND php_errors.log, or errors.log, or whatever your web server og is called?

For example, you might discover you need to add this to the top of your function:

    global $GLOBALS;