Create New Contact Fails.

Hi All,

Our Create Contact fails “sometimes”. I have not been able to isolate it. What we have to do is Create a Lead, then Convert Lead to Contact.

One thing peculiar I just noticed on the create contact that failed recently that the “date created”, which is an automated field in mysql, was pre-populated with a date set in 1999. Is there a bug in there somewhere?

Thank you.

Sounds like a server date/time configuration issue with dates if these are being set incorrectly.

Thanks for the suggestion, but as I mentioned, it is intermittent. So, sometimes it shows the incorrect date, sometimes not. I just checked the server date time and its correct.

Also, why would Create Lead work and not Create Contact?

FYI: This is fixed for me. Not sure if its the 7.2.2 update that did it or I cleaned out some config options that I had in place for speed.