Create login page for the user

My project requirement is that i have to create a login page for the user. User will Create and login thier acount throgh that login page. When customer loged to my project so that i can manage their profile through the CRM. How can i do this?
1- Create a login page manualy and integrate the crm to that login page?
2- Or i can create the login page from the crm ?

I’m not sure I understand your problem. The CRM already has a login page for users, right?

Or do you mean a page to create new users? For that you would need to use the REST API.

But perhaps you mean a login page for customers, i.e. for “Contacts” in SuiteCRM. Then you should look at the AOP Portal, which you can download for free and let’s you give your users access to a small subset of the CRM (basically, Case handling and little more). Since this is open-source, you can always extend this functionality to whatever you need.