Create List to and make a relationship

Hy guys,
Any idea how to create list of Sic Codes and the make a relation to accounts?

you will need to explain a bit more about exactly what you mean. You want the Sic codes in the accounts records? Or you want to have a separate module called Sic Codes that is related to accounts?

Hi, thanks for your reply, i want a separated module called sic codes and i want it related to accounts, so when create an account they need to use a valid Sic code, that i uploaded on the module.

Go into the admin panel then module builder. Create your custom in module builder it should be fairly self explanatory then when your finished deploy it to your suite instance and add a record for each of your sic code. Relationships to other modules are added when your creating your module in module builder.

Thanks. When i try to import they tell me that the name field can’t be empty, how do i bypass this?


We have created two SIC lists into dropdown lists and added them such that they can be selected from a drop enabled field in accounts.
We then validate against companies house BETA.

No need for anything as complicated as a module.