Create individual Proposal Product Listings

Hi Guys,

i am running further tests with Suite, but now i am worrying about creating an own individual proposal Point.

Lets say
Product 1 : Standard, got automatically
Product 2 : Individual lets say super customer orientated Computer.

if i want to go to the next field it deletes my content. How can i handle Suite to not delete this content?

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Sorry, I don0t understand where this is. Can you explain with more detail, in SuiteCRM terms?

  1. SuiteCRM version
  2. Screen to go
  3. What to click

Expected results / actual results


Hi Pgr,

  1. its Version 7.10.3
  2. there is the quotes menu (index.php?action=ajaxui#ajaxUILoc=index.php%3Fmodule%3DAOS_Quotes)
  3. Just fill out Listings
    a) select one product out of your catalogue - works fine
    b) want to implement a special product which is individual for customer - OK, tab to the next field - input is deleted. Is it possible to set such individual products in a quote/proposal under Products?

Thank you


Hi. No, each Product has to be in the Products module in order to be included in a quote.

So it just clears whatever you write there because it doesn’t match an existing product.

You can work around this by having a special product called “Special for customer” or something, fill in a price, and maybe add more data in the description. However you’ll have to check where this description gets printed, it doesn’t show in the Line Items panel after you save, maybe you can make it show in a Quote template.