Create Dropdownlist from Excel


I would like to create a dropdown list based on a list in Excel. Is there a way to import the list, a file that needs to be edited? I know I can do it manually, but it’s a fairly extensive list.


See my previous post here for a multilevel dropdown list.

Its a little simpler with a single drop down, but should give you an idea of how I approached the problem.

A quick option to import a text file or CSV would make things much simpler though.

Worked a charm - thank mat8iou


Do you know if there’s a limit to the number of items you can have in a dropdown list? Mine has over 350 items. The dropdown editor shows the list ok, but when I try to add a dropdown field that references the list, SuiteCRM throws an error.

I appreciate your help


Nevermind ma8tiou - got it!


One of my lists has 325 items in it. I haven’t tried any longer than that.

Sometimes if files are modified directly or things are changed though, suite CRM needs a bit of a prod to realise in my experience - typically opening and re-saving the layout or something like that makes it realise.