Create Daily Schedule for new Workflow which works on all records (not just new)

I have a workflow which sends an email to people who need to complete a task. This currently runs once when the conditions are met but I want it to run on a daily basis until the tasks have been completed.

As a newbie to SuiteCRM I am not sure how to set up a new scheduler for this single workflow and attach the workflow to the schedule.

Does this rely on code or is there a way to do this without coding?

using only workflows, things might get tricky (including multiple fields that are solely used to prevent too many job executions).
A better/cleaner approach is to create a custom scheduler job:

but it requires you to write some php.

If you want your workflow to run daily and you don’t want to use code or create a custom schedule, you could create a ‘Workflow Run’ date field that is attached (but hidden) in your module, then in your workflow set an action to set this field with a value of ‘Today’ when it runs. Then add a condition on the workflow that ‘Workflow Run’ date is not equal to ‘Today’. This means the workflow should only run once a day.

This has been working for a few calculation workflows that I only wanted to run once a day, but they do run at midnight each night, so keep that in mind if using this method.

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