Create custom calendar

Hello everybody,

I actually work on a custom version of the calendar module. For that I’ve created a custom module with a custom list view.
And in this custom list view I have insert the code of the index.php of the calendar module. So i have this view:

I can create activity and edit them, but I have a problem i can’t access to the settings when i click on the setting button nothing happened.
I think it’s a problem with the generation of the button. Here’s the html code generated to display the setting button in my custom module:

And here’s the html code generated to display the setting button of the calendar module:

So we can see buttons are not the same, but i don’t understand because the php code for the generation of the buttons are exactly the same:

Please can anyone help me ? I’m desperate.

Best regards.

I found the solution ! I forgot to verify if the settings.tpl file was loaded. And after verification it’s a line to change in the CalendarDisplay.php file. “Calendar” might be replaced by the name of ours custom module: