Create connector or widget integration

Hi to all,
i was trying to import a huge ammount of Accounts from my ERP system but i’ve realized that it could be a nightmare cause
my source directory is really too much dirty.

So i’m thinking about an alternative solution.

I would like to import data into a parallel mysql database(with php_odbc) and then try in some way to create a connector or widget to retrieve Accounts infos.

I’ve looked at connectors but in this case rest or soap are mandatory condition and my application doesn’t have it.

So i need that someone point me on the right direction.

It should work as below:
-> someone click on “Create Lead” for example and in the Account name he types something
-> i would have a button or link that based on the Account name typed it will retrieve all Accounts in my parallel mysql accounts table
-> after that the user must be able to copy all data(address, phone etc.) into created lead.

Really appreciate any hint or better solution

Thank you