Create case from E-mail

I created an inbound email account, and set it to create case from E-mail.

The outgoing e-mail does not have any of the variables replaced like $acase_name etc. I edited the case creation template and tested again and it’s not sending the edited template, it’s still using the default template, which as far as I can tell doesn’t even exist in the system anymore because I edited it and renamed it so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Any help would be appreciated.

There have been bugfixes recently regarding variable substitution… but since you forgot to say your SuiteCRM version I can’t say whether they apply to your version or not. You might want to search Github issues for it (including recently closed issues).

To clear up the mess regarding Templates I suggest having a look in your database to see which templates exist there.

Well I was using 7.9.4, I just upgraded to 7.9.9, but the problem still exists with variables… however the right template is being used now.

Ok, try to find that Issue I mentioned, it’s there on GitHub. I can’t remember which Release includes it, maybe it’s only the next one.

Also it seems to be only sending e-mail in plain text, but I have the plain text option disabled.