Create and Edit Email Templates Blank screen

Issue with the email template module it opens and displays the full list of created templates, but when Create Email Template is selected a blank screen opens and only the word CREATE appears onscreen. If we select a template and then select the Edit function a blank screen opens again with only the wrod EDIT in the top left of the screen. These functions worked previously and have now stopped working, the only changes to the system have been made in the email Incoming and Outgoing settings.
Thanks Ken


There are several reasons for it:

  1. Don’t correct access rules for file and directories.
  2. Problems with cache directory.
  3. Error in file editviewdefs.php (custom or system directory).

Perhaps somethink else.

For start do:
Admin -> Repair -> Quick Repair and Rebuild

And check both your logs, plus the browser’s Javascript console in developer tools.

We are trying the suggestion, if there are any other fixes we can try please include them. Thanks

We have tried the suggested solutions, but the issue is still happening.

Hi, I was having this error as well, but strangely it looks like it was related to a module I’d built in module builder then re-named in Studio and eventually deleted. Even though the built module wasn’t connected to the templates or any related modules in any way, when I re-deployed the module all my templates started working again.