Create an audit log On subpanel

I want to create an audit log of the line items fields into a subpanel of other module, how can i do that??/ Anyone can help me?

This teaches you how to use random SQL in a subpanel:

The tables with the information you want are called accounts_audit, contacts_audit, etc. in the database.

Also have a look at the tracker table it also contains nice information for this kind of purpose.

thanks for reply!! The customs fields appears on the audits table??? Beacuse the fields that i wanna make the audit log are custom.

I think so.

You’ll need to turn on “Auditable” in Studio, or from the vardefs. Start by getting the fields to appear in the normal Audit area (View summary info from Detail view), then proceed to your new subpanel.

There are plenty of articles about how to turn on Audit for a field or custom field, make sure you search.