Create alert + task

So what i’m trying to do heres is when I create a lead, a task should be created with the start date 10 days after the date lead was created. on the start date an alert should show. I tried this on workflow, bu t as i am new, i must’ve done something wrong. Please help. Thanks

You should use logichook ( I recommend “after_save”.

How do I implement this to a workflow?

Is there anything else (anyy other solutions not involved with coding? It’s just that i have 0 experience in coding :neutral_face:

some time ago, I posted a small tutorial here on how to create notifications via hooks or workflows:

You have to alter the described approach a bit, but it should work in general.

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Thanks. Do you have to learn coding to do this?

You can do the workflow suggestion without coding, you just need the studio + workflow module.

I don’t have a detailed tutorial to create tasks, but this one creates a call and you can learn from it:

You basically need to ensure

  • you fill all the required fields
  • you set all the necessary relationships so it appears in subpanels of related records