Create a workflow between two default modules

Hello SuiteCRM community,

This is my first post on the community forum and I am still somewhat new to SuiteCRM.
I have been setting up email notification by using workflows, however I am now trying to create a workflow that checks to see if a record in the Accounts module was modified, and if it was, the workflow edits a record in a different module (Cases) that is associated with the account in the Accounts module. I plan on then making another workflow to send an email once the record in the Cases module gets modified by the first workflow. I can create the second workflow no problem, but my problem exists in the first workflow.

Is there a way to have a workflow modify a record in a separate module that is associated with a specific account?
Any help is appreciated!



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Did you see this information?

Hi @Dan25,
Please check this link and watch the video:-

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