Create a visit and relate it to Leads and opportunities

Hello, I want to create a call or visit and be able to relate it to the lead module and the opportunity module.

I have created the opportunity related field in calls, so that when I am in a lead, I create a call and relate it to the opportunity.
How do I now make it appear in the call subpanel on opportunities?

Do you make filed relate or relationship one-to-many for the lead module and the opportunity module to the call module?

i want to quick create a calls in subpanel of module leads and i be able relationship with a opportunity.

If i create call for leads and relation for opportunity, when i go to opportunity in subpanel calls apair this call.

When did you add 2 relationships between modules:

  • Opportunities one-to-many Calls
  • Leads one-to-many Calls
    did you see new subnels in modules Opportunities and Leads?

Yes, i can see subnels in modules.
But when i create call and relation lead and opportunity, only i can see the call in lead, i need show in oportunitty too

I see :telephone_receiver: and think that this is Calls module. But I don’t understand where is fields of Opportunities and Lead modules.