Create a .doc for MS WORD instead a .pdf for a Quote

Hello :slight_smile: ,
my name is Alessandro and i’m a brandnew SugarCRM user.
i was wondering if is that possible to create (from a template) a *.doc document instead the .pdf from the module PDF?
This is crucial for me and for my team.

Thank you for your kindness.


like this?

it’s possible with
I have do that… you can search my post about that for sample.
Excel, Word… all it’s ok… but for word, carriage return I have not find solution… embed image…

But what SuitCRM teams must do it’s implement this in core.


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Thank you guys!
I’ll try with the free option first :lol: :lol:

Hi Everyone:

Anybody with experience how to make this in SuiteCRM? I am starting in this environment, so I have no idea where to start. Any advice is welcome.

Best regards


Just to sum up:

  • there is a payed add-on to do it

  • there is no free, ready made solution to do it

  • it is feasible to develop this, if you are a developer. Contrary to popular belief, .docx is an open format, it is XML inside a ZIP, and the specs are published on the Internet. The same goes for all Office formats >= 2007. So you basically write out the Word doc in text with some tags, zip it, name it .docx and you’re done. There are also libraries to facilitate this in many languages.

The Suite2Word plugin has just been released, which populates any MS Word docx template you prepare with the data of the selected SuiteCRM record.

If you still have the problem and would like to purchase this plugin, please contact us and we will also do support for Quote product tables