Create a .doc for MS WORD instead a .pdf for a Quote

Hello :slight_smile: ,
my name is Alessandro and i’m a brandnew SugarCRM user.
i was wondering if is that possible to create (from a template) a *.doc document instead the .pdf from the module PDF?
This is crucial for me and for my team.

Thank you for your kindness.


like this?

it’s possible with
I have do that… you can search my post about that for sample.
Excel, Word… all it’s ok… but for word, carriage return I have not find solution… embed image…

But what SuitCRM teams must do it’s implement this in core.


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Thank you guys!
I’ll try with the free option first :lol: :lol:

Hi Everyone:

Anybody with experience how to make this in SuiteCRM? I am starting in this environment, so I have no idea where to start. Any advice is welcome.

Best regards


Just to sum up:

  • there is a payed add-on to do it

  • there is no free, ready made solution to do it

  • it is feasible to develop this, if you are a developer. Contrary to popular belief, .docx is an open format, it is XML inside a ZIP, and the specs are published on the Internet. The same goes for all Office formats >= 2007. So you basically write out the Word doc in text with some tags, zip it, name it .docx and you’re done. There are also libraries to facilitate this in many languages.