Create a Custom Revision Submodule like Document Revisions

Hello. Any idea how to create a custom revision submodule?

I would like to ask for a help about this and much better if there’s an example on how to implement.

Thank you.

Hoping for an answers.

That is not easy without custom code, it’s a peculiar module/sub-module structure in SuiteCRM.

What are you trying to achieve, ultimately? Can’t you use the existing Docs/Revisions and customize it to fit your purposes? That should be a lot easier…

My goal here is to utilize the native Document Module and make another custom module that has a revision. Since cloning a module isn’t okay, maybe a guide to create a custom revision with has the same functions from the native document revision will do.

If is it okay, can you help me an example of a custom code for this?

Thank you.

This is open-source, so what you want is certainly possible for a competent PHP developer with SuiteCRM experience. The code is all there in the Documents module, it needs to be cloned and adapted.

But it is far too complex to try to describe in a forum post, or to write a tutorial about. I don’t even know how to do it, I’d have to go and study it and test solutions, etc.