Create 100% Width Panel with use of HTML

I would like to add some embedded dashboards or other html content to a contact tab. Is it possible to hide the label (and its whitespace) for a more natural 100% width solution. I tried adding ‘hideLabel’ => true to the field but no dice. Any help is greatly appreciated.

In SuiteP theme, there is a button, that do this, in the sidebar.

Or you can change the styles of theme. You can create your css file to overwrite the styles.

For SuiteP:

I’m sorry. I think that the screenshot is misleading. I am not trying to hide the “recents” section, instead I am trying to hide a field label and it’s whitespace. (See Below). Suggestions?

You can inspect the code with developer tools of your browser to find how to modify the css styles.

You can write your new styles in custom/themes/SuiteP/css/style.css

Thanks Roberto, I did find the element .detail-view-row .label but changing it to display:none of course effects ALL labels. I would like it to just occur for my “Dashboard” label. Any additional help would be appreciated.

You should looking for some css class or id more specific for the page you want to change.
In the screenshot seems a panel. If it is a panel has a unique id in

  • element, like “whole_subpanel_”