Country dropdown list.. How? ✏

Pretty much as the subject headline says.

It sort off odd in my humble opinion that it is not there by default as it is a industry standard in CRMs these days. So I don’t understand why SuiteCRM hasn’t implemented it a long time ago.

Anyway enough with my little rant :smirk: and onwards to my question:
Is there a way of achieving this and add/create a country list dropdown in the system and if so then how?

Thanks in advance.
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Based on many or your questions you haven’t read the documentation. Sure we are happy to help but you should do your homework too.

Anyway enough with my little rant … You can create a custom dropdown field in that module and add anything you want:

Thanks for your reply @BrozTechnologies

I have indeed read it, but I admit blatantly not everything. But I did search on the internet for quite some time about the subject and it turns out that people have for many years requested this feature, but with no positive outcome so far. I just wonder why as the demand is clearly there.

I know I can do a dropdown that way. But that would create a new field/plus new data string entry the DB and not use the default “Primary Address Country” field which is already in the DB.

Sitting and manually for hours transferring the data to from the old text filed to the new custom made dropdown in the studio would take along time and does not feel like a very viable option…

I found some older threads/posts about how to do it but some where 4-6 years old or even goes back to the time SugarCRM community edition was still live and well. So I would not even dare to try to use one of these oldies and use my company’s CRM system as a lab rat and then mess it up. I’m sure you can follow me there on that point.

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Thank you very much @pgr for your kind help :+1:

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