Couldn't install joomla customer porta

Hi everyone!

  1. I have a SuiteCRM ondemand.

  2. I’m trying to install SuiteCRM Joomla Portal Plug-in ( SuiteCRM Joomla Portal 2.0.1 for Joomla! 3.x) with the downloaded zip from “”.

  3. I get the error “The zip file is missing a manifest.php file. Cannot proceed.”

Any help?
Thanks in Advance

afaik, the package linked there is the extension package for joomla, not Suite :slight_smile:

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Yip, what @diligent said,

You need to go to a Joomla instance which you can set up by pulling it down from GitHub, then accessing the asking panel and loading the module there from one of the drop-downs that sit across the top of the screen.

Afterwords you can use the pre installed config options on the Suite administration page and the new config menu on Joomla to configure the details required.

Any issues let us know!

It’s all in the Docs…

Installation section

Thank you very much for your help!
I did that, unfortunately, I got exactly that same error message.

Thanks for your help!
That link you suggest is exactly the link I followed, first hand.

How far did you get?

Did you successfully install the Joomla AOP component, using the “Extension Manager” inside Joomla?