Cost Estimation


I am wondering if the following is possible:

Create Cost Module (or cost field at a project?)
Assign man-hours to each task, dedicated to each project.
When I create a Project and I assign its tasks to Employees, I want to be able to see how i am going in terms of cost.
For example, if I have estimated that I need 100 man-hours for a project and the total actual hours that have already been used up, are 90 manhours, I want to be able to see what is my remaining budget for this Project.
Is it also possible to see cost-revenue or cost-profit relation?

Is that something that can theoretically be done?

You can create custom modules and add custom fields to any module from Studio. Once you capture the data you can create Workflows to modify data according to your needs. If that is not enough you can create LogicHooks (You need programing skills for this one) to add custom logic from the back end.

I’ll recommend you to reading the documentation here: