Correct Redirect URI for OAuth Provider setup


I am struggling to get the OAuth connection working in SuiteCRM8 for Office 365.

I can send emails in SuiteCRM via the O365 mailbox without any issue using SMTP and app password, by enabling IMAP and SMTP Auth in Office 365.

When I do the OAuth provider setup, everything works within the Microsoft azure ADS admin setup, with App secret, scope etc… as per the documentation.

However, when then setting this up in the OAuth provider page, the Redirect URI is hard coded and comes directly from the code, which I can amend to point wherever it needs to go.

I have ben advised that as I am on Windows and my login is localhost/suitecrm8/public/#/Login, it should be directed to /public/legacy in order to access the index.php file with associated parameters (the documentation states http://localhost/index.php?entryPoint=setExternalOAuthToken but this does not work as it needs to point to a directory with a suitable index.php file.)

If I configure the OAuth Provider setup and save it, when I set up the OAuth connection page, it authenticates through to the Microsoft server, displays the permissions confirmation page and once ticked, moves to the Redirect but then just displays a blank page and stops.

The result is that I cannot get the security tokens populated and therefore can’t configure the inbound mailbox via OAuth. It will also not work if using Basic authentication and IMAP with SSL, which is enabled in Azure, the correct Microsoft IMAP server and SSLport details and a valid app password.

This has stumped me for a while and can’t for the life of me figure out what I can do to get this working. That aside, the system is flying and working really well.

All help gratefully received. Thanks in advance.

You should tell us your SuiteCRM version.

7.13.2 or 8.2.4 are the ones you want for Microsoft related Oauth stuff

I am running SuiteCRM 8 v8.2.3 with PHP 7.4.33
Everything runs fine with no real issues other than the inbound mail config either through OAuth or IMAP.

In the OAuth config, the error log entr being generated is ;

Exception in Controller: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (see for

Which doesn’t tell me much other than the obvious. I have double checked all entries and all do seem correct. I have even started from scratch a couple of times but with the same result.

I don’t know. Maybe try 8.2.4 to see if it makes a difference…