Correct Permissions for Shared Hosting (Bluehost)

I’m just about at the end of my rope with this product.

Before I start, I’ve tried running the script everyone’s fond of posting (the one which populates permissions throughout the .PHP files); I’ve set permissions in variant configurations using both ‘755’ and 775’ - and still wind up with undefined errors and garbled themes/inability to change themes.

Seems to me that permissions to do this sort of thing would be set properly out of the gate, without having to mess about with endless permutations of configuration. So, the question: Does anyone else here use Bluehost to host their shared environment, and if so, what is the permissions solution?

I need this information to make this product useful - otherwise, I might as well go out and buy a CRM or subscribe to one that actually works.

Ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?..

check this entire post, there are many successful configuration from different hosts, one of the Bluehost

best regards