Correct Locations for Logic Hooks (Mine are currently getting deleted on module builder deployment)

Hi all

Working through learning the ropes on extending Suite CRM

I have created some logic hoods for various tasks, however they get deleted when i deploy the module builder, based on what i have read the following locations are correct

LogicHook.php >> custom/Extension/modules/NWK_RequiredItem/Ext/LogicHooks/
LogicHookLogic.php >>custom/Extension/modules/NWK_RequiredItem/Ext/

Repair / Rebuild picks these are correctly and generates a /LogicHooks/logichooks.ext.php file and everything works well…

until i deploy, this wipes out all the files.

Is there something i can do about this or are they just in the wrong place?

Thanks in advance.

Normally you use Module Builder only once, initially

Then just stay with Studio, which respects those file locations better.

ahh okay, i havent really used the studio, ill try that , im assuming i can add modules etc via studio.

Thank you , however that still sounds a bit mental that it wipes it out!

Thanks again