Copy Project from Lead to Opportunity while converting

I’ve enabled project selection in Lead. While converting to opportunity, we want to flow this project and to be linked to the opportunity so that it appears in the project sub panel in the opportunities. How can this be achieved? Please advise.





Typically, if two fields have the same name, the values would convert with the Lead, onto the Opp

However, i’m not sure if there is a good way to move across relationships out of the box.

I’ve tried to play around with Workflows, trying to relate the Projects to the Opportunities via the “Modify Record” actions, but have been unable to get any results.
It might be something that would need some custom work, unless anyone else has any ideas?

If you do need to do some custom work, I imagine you could do this with either a Logic Hook or by customizing the Lead Convert functionality.

I’ve found some forum posts of users performing some of both, that might give some ideas as to how it could be done:

Perhaps some of the above would be a good place to start?

Hey John,

Thanks. I achieved this using logic hooks.



Glad to hear you’ve got a solution!