Copy Line items from Quotes to Contracts automatically

I am experiencing an issue and I am not sure if it is designed this way or if there is a problem.

When I Create a Contract from a Quote, the line items don’t copy over to the quote.

  1. Is this ‘as designed’ or is something not working properly.

  2. If this is ‘as designed’, is there a way to make the line items copy over?

Thank you!
Jon Paul

Just a quick followup - not sure if this is correct, but in case anyone else is looking for an answer. The line items DO carry over from a quote - at least if the quote is set to Accepted.

Hi All,

I was looking for a solution about this issue and found this old topic.
Tried the solution proposed but it does not work.

The issue: after opening a quote, I click the “contract” subpanel “Create” button.
Result: the new contract does not show any quote product line items.
The same issue happens clicking the “invoice” subpanel “create” button.
The new invoice does not show any quote product line items.

As I said I changed the quote stage to “closed accepted” but nothing changed.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve it?

I am on SuiteCRM v. 7.12.5



No info received about the supposed issue.

Can somebody confirm if this is a real issue or if suiteCRM is designed this way, which means
no lines quote informations transferred from an opened quote to a new contract or invoice created by clicking the relative subpanel quote “Create” button?


You can try it on the live demo to see if it works there.

I already did, it does not work.

Another thing you can check is both logs during the Contract creation process, maybe there’s something there denouncing a problem.

However, if that doesn’t work I guess you’ll have to conclude the functionality isn’t there.

I am currently working on similar issues for one of my add-ons: ways to run low-code-style instructions when creating records. I find it’s very useful (like relating a call not just to a Lead, but also to the first open opportunity on the same account).

Thanks pgr,

I had a look to your logs link. So after my last try I opened the suitecrm.log and for today it shows just this line:

Mon Aug 29 22:00:07 2022 [24270][1][FATAL] Job 830b98aa-7f80-4e4d-0a70-630d36b4bb64 (Perform Lucene Index) failed in CRON run

which has nothing to do with the issue.

I then found the error.log, but honestly it’s too big (200M) and not able to read it.
Regarding the demo obviously I have no access to the log files.

Finally just to point out that after clicking the “create” button the new contract or invoice
created did get the total amount from the quote, so I think it is quite weird that who designed the suiteCRM did not add the feature to get also all the other quote line items.

If somebody has a clue to suggest a solution is very welcome.