copy fields with workflow

Is it possible to copy a field from a account to a related contact with workflow?



I imagine this should be possible.

How you build the workflow will depend on what Module the workflow will run on.

If it is running on Accounts, Then your Workflow’s Actions may have to have “Record Type” set to Contacts
and then you can choose the appropriate fields to populate, and what field from accounts to populate it with.

As an example, the attached screenshot shows an action that, when the workflow fires, will overwrite the Contact’s Description with the Related Account’s Description

If your workflow is to run on Contacts, the the workflow action will likely have to have “Record Type” set to Accounts
and you can do similar actions that, if set up correctly, should allow you to copy field values from an Account into the Contact

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Did you make it working?
When I do this i am able to copy the fields but the email of the contact is deleted.
Any help?
Thank you.

I also would like to do this, but I see no screenshot showing what you were saying.