Copy Date from One module to another

I have 2 custom modules One is called Members and the other is called Attendance. Their table names are dsc_members and dsc_attendance.

In Members I have a field called enddate and I need to show the values of this date field in attendance. I have a one to many relationship setup between members and attendance.

I followed the tutorial… - this works but my problem is it just adds it into a text field and not a date field. Also it displays it in the format as yyyy/mm/dd ( I believe this is the mysql format ).

So in studio I created a date field called attenddate in Attendance. I need attenddate from Attendance Module and the enddate from Members module to be the same. I reallly only need to see this from Listview and I want it read only.

Im try to follow a tutorial for a non-db field but I need to do this for DB field as I’ve explained above about the date field.

Here is my logic_hooks.php

$hook_version = 1;
$hook_array = Array();
$hook_array['after_retrieve'] = Array();
$hook_array['after_retrieve'][] = Array(1, 'AfterRetrieve', 'custom/modules/dsc_Attendance/CustomLogicHooks.php','CustomLogicHooks', 'afterRetrieve');
$hook_array['process_record'] = Array();
$hook_array['process_record'][] = Array(1, 'ProcessRecord', 'custom/modules/dsc_Attendance/CustomLogicHooks.php','CustomLogicHooks', 'processRecord'); 

here is my CustomLogicHooks.php

class CustomLogicHooks {
    // Load Contact Office Phone into non-db field on Calls
    function afterRetrieve(&$focus, $event, $arguments) {
        if (empty($focus->fetched_row['attenddate'])) {
            $link = "dsc_members_dsc_attendance";
            if ($focus->load_relationship($link)) {
                $dsc_members = $focus->$link->getBeans();
                $parentBean = false;
                if (!empty($dsc_members)) {
                    $dsc_member = current($dsc_members);
                    // $dsc_members->custom_fields->retrieve(); // Use this if the Contact field is a custom field
                    $focus->attenddate = $dsc_members->enddate;
    function processRecord(&$focus, $event, $arguments) {
        afterRetrieve($focus, $event, $arguments);

When using this the Attendance Module Shows up empty

I got this working but on list view I get a blank page. Any ideas? When I create a Member I can see the date copy’s into the detail view. But from List View I just get a blank page.

My problem is on this line afterRetrieve($focus, $event, $arguments);

Error I get is Call to undefined function afterRetrieve

Any Ideas??