Cookies configuration - 'SameSite cookies'

Hi everybody!

recently I installed an HTTPS or SSL cert on my apache server and the ‘issue’ I found is I think related to the cookies specifically ’ SameSite’, how can I config this for my CRM system, the root of come to write this post is because on my Contacts module I made some external calls (into the same server sure) for files in charged to render data tables or load images, but the problem is the load avg (is being loading late some customized modules), and reviewing the firefox console I found the warning message related to ‘SameSite cookie’ ck_login_id_20, and the message says 'Some cookies are misusing the “SameSite“ attribute, so it won’t work as expected '.

How can I configure that on my system or htaccess?

I hope you can help me with this.