Converting Opportunities to Quotes?

I want to go the other way around, for example converting my custom module to another module? How can this be implemented?

I am not a total newbie, I do know php and mysql. Just give me procedure or the idea how can this be achieved.

I tried to look at aos_quote code, but can anyone here help me that how do we add up “Convert To” Functionality b/w our custom modules or b/w some existing modules ?

By conversion i only mean transferring same data to another module where fields are same.

Hi man
I try to investigate this too, Do you know how to do it yet
I have done this: Customize the way the budget is converted to an invoice, but I would like to do it the other way around

You could probably do this through Workflow pretty easy. Let’s say you have module A and you want to create a record in module B. So the trigger is when the record in Module A is status “complete” (or won, or closed or whatever). Then create a new record in Module B and just match the fields. Easy peasy.

If you don’t want to use workflow you could do a before save hook I think that could accomplish the same thing. Workflow is easier if your not a developer.

Hola, al final lo que hice fue copiar el archivo
y lo llamé y llevé a
Invertí la modalidad de toda la función para que a partir de los datos de una AOS_Invoices exporte un AOS_Quotes
y luego agregue el botón en las acciones de vista de detalle de AOS_Invoices
Y funcionó!

Quizá esta es una alternativa
Igualmente agradezco la ayuda!