Converting contacts and tasks into Opportunities

Hello everybody,

We would like to convert contacts and tasks into Opportunities. I know this is possible with Leads but as we also have a lot of existing customers this function would work a lot better for us.

Which adaptions should be made to convert contacts and tasks into Opportunities?

Many thanks in advance and KR


As per my knowledge we can’t convert a LEAD into Opportunity. Instead we can CREATE a new Opportunity while converting the Lead and can attach it.
Same thing is for Contacts and tasks because the Fields structure of Opportunity and these modules is slightly different.
You can do one thing. You can write your own back-end code to put all the contacts and tasks by field mapping into opportunity module.

If you are not a programmer then it is not your game. You can engage some technical person to do this.


Note that you can use an “on scheduler, all records” Workflow on Contacts module, to create an Opportunity and copy a few fields over. You would run this only once, and it would apply to every Contact in your system, although you can limit it with conditions on the Workflow.

Note that this might take a LONG time to execute, depending on how many records you have, and you won’t know when it’s over from the UI.

Apparently if the Workflow Conditions are such that the Contact/Tasks field is available in the Mass Update, that option can be used to Run On selected records and can be carried in a step by step manner. Obviously the Workflow needs to have a condition too to Mark the Records as “Processed” to avoid multiple runs.

This Workflow worked for me, to copy all Contacts with a certain condition into Opportunities:

Some notes:

  • no repeated runs! This will work only once, which is what we want.

  • even so, I recommend de-activating the Workflow after it runs, so that it doesn’t keep re-running (every minute!) only to discover all the records have already been worked on, and so doing nothing. This will be a performance hit (in general, “On scheduler, all records” Workflows have to used with care).

  • note that when creating records from Workflows, we should always go in the Module and check which fields are required fields, and include values for all of these, otherwise you won’t get a warning, but problems will likely arise later.

1 thing i want to add in this workflow. for the CONDITION part. If we change it to check for


instead of NAME field starts with check

It will consider all the available records and convert all of them.