Converting a lead causes blank page


I am experiencing a blank page situation when converting a lead.

Steps to reproduce:

Choose lead
choose convert lead from dropdown
complete fields and either select account/contact or create new.
Click save.

Blank page appears - lead is not converted.

In the log files I see the following Fatal error:

[11-Mar-2019 19:24:46 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Link2::_get_bean_position() in /home/path-to-crm/custom/modules/Leads/views/view.convertlead.php on line 543

view.convertedlead.php extract LIne 543 highlighted in red.

   //Handle non-contacts relationships
    foreach ($beans as $bean)
        if (!empty($lead))
            if (empty($bean->assigned_user_id))
                $bean->assigned_user_id = $lead->assigned_user_id;
            $leadsRel = $this->findRelationship($bean, $lead);
            if (!empty($leadsRel))
                $relObject = $bean->$leadsRel->getRelationshipObject();
              [color=#ff0000]  if ($relObject->relationship_type == "one-to-many" && $bean->$leadsRel->_get_bean_position())[/color]
                    $id_field = $relObject->rhs_key;
                    $lead->$id_field = $bean->id;

Environment: SuiteCRM 7.8.8, PHP 5.6.4, linux server

Please can anyone assist me with this issue?

Many thanks,

I can see that that code is different in the newest versions, so it seems this is already fixed.

Can you upgrade to the latest 7.8.x?

Fixed two years ago: