Convert Quote to Invoice Workflow + Convert Quote to Custom Module

Hi there,

I was trying to set up the workflow to convert a quote to invoice automatically. The invoice was created but the line items were not there. I realise there’s no way in the workflow I could copy the line items from quote to invoice.
Kindly advise how this can be done?

Secondly, I am trying to create a custom module that works like invoice, which I could convert the quote to this custom module called Sales Order. I have setup the relationship of one quote to many sales order in the module builder, but i have no idea how to make the “Convert to Sales Order” option available in quote. Kindly advise if this can be done.


Both of those will require quite a bit of custom coding to achieve. We don’t have time to go in depth and try to explain how to make complex changes like this. I would suggest you hire a developer who know Sugarcrm to do this for you.

Thanks Andy. Just wonder if we could set security group or role to restrict certain user from printing PDF from AOS modules?
I think that it is important to be able to restrict certain user form converting quotation to invoice too. Normally, we expect invoice to be generated only if the quotation is approved by superior and confirmed by customer.
Any advise please?

yes that can be done with a little coding. You could just disable the button if the current user is not a member of the correct role.

See this blog post:

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