Convert out of the box field to dropdown

I had done this before for the Contacts module and I couldnt remember how I did it when I needed to now do the same for the State field in Leads.

I was going mad, because I knew it was a simple edit.

And then I found this post

And jus tincase it goes away, basically I simply create a new php file in



$dictionary['Lead']['fields']['primary_address_state']['type'] = 'enum';
$dictionary['Lead']['fields']['primary_address_state']['options'] = 'USAState_list';

quick repair and rebuild and viola. A dropdown state…


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Implements in the subject field of the meetings, but when I perform a search on the module throws me this error:

Warning: htmlentities() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/crm/include/ListView/ListViewData.php on line 511

I know this is old but if anyone else ever stumbles on it from google like I did you also need to change the entry in searchdefs.php to be enum