Convert Lead


I tried to add custom module to convert lead. i Can made changes in convertdefs.php. But the select option is not coming to select the existing contact.



I have made some changes in the past and might be able to lend a hand, if you could give a screenshot of the issue/a code snippet of what you are trying to accomplish that would be very useful. Are any errors reported in the sugar log?


In lead conversion “select booking:” is not coming.

Can you confirm that you have in your convertdefs something along the lines of

$viewdefs['Bookings']['ConvertLead'] = array(
    'copyData' => true,
    'required' => false,
    'select' => "booking_name",
    'default_action' => 'create',


Yes having

Here’s code
viewdefs[‘b1_Bookings’][‘ConvertLead’] = array(
‘copyData’ => true,
‘required’ => true,
‘select’ => “report_to_bookings”,
‘default_action’ => ‘create’,
‘relationship’ => ‘b1_bookings_contacts_1’,
‘templateMeta’ => array(
‘maxColumns’ => ‘2’,
‘widths’ => array(
array(‘label’ => ‘10’, ‘field’ => ‘30’),
array(‘label’ => ‘10’, ‘field’ => ‘30’),