Convert Lead Opportunity Assign To User field email notifications


By default there is not assign to user in the create opportunity section of the Convert Lead page. I manager to add this field by editing /htdocs/moduels/Leads/metadata/convertdefs.php

All seems ok, apart from no notification is emailed to the assigned user, does anyone know what other steps must be taken to achieve the notification please?

It would be really useful to do this all in one screen otherwise the call centre would have to convert the leads, create the opportunity, then assign to a sales rep as a separate step.

Many Thanks


What did you do in your edit of the code? Did you use beans or did you write directly to the database?

You could try this simply with a workflow…

HI pgr

I think the php file is a view template, so I just added the field to the view …

'panels'=>array (
array (
array (


There must be another step I have to take to trigger the notification…



Definitely, try this with a workflow or a logic hook.

Editing a very non-standard view is not the correct approach.

Many thanks pgr!

To clarify I should leave my template edit in place so that the user can assign the sales rep (only they will know who to assign to) then use a workflow to fire an email to the assigned user?

That sounds like a plan, yes. At least, if you confirm that your field is working (saves to the database).

I thought you wanted to assign always to the same user, but I see that is not the case so you always need some manual intervention.

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