Convert lead into a contact

I looked in the dev guide and online but can’t seem to find any code examples. I’m just trying to convert a lead into a contact.

Appreciate your help


You don’t need to check code base for the Convert Lead to Contact.
In detail view of Lead, you will have a button to convert Lead.
You can find documentation here

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It’s basically all in the “Working with Beans” chapter. You just create a new Contact bean, load the lead Bean, copy fields over, save.

You can go looking in the code that drives the conversion screen to look for details, but it’s a bit complicated and might be taking care of things you don’t need.

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Thanks guys, I also thought of simply creating a contact and copying all the fields, but isn’t there some kind of a link between the lead and the contact (that was created from that lead?)

There isn’t a proper relationship between the Lead and the Contact created from it. Only a field in the Lead called contact_id gets filled with a value. This is simple to replicate if needed.

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yep, will already use this for something else, but this specific task needs to happen in real time :frowning:

What’s in the attach is exactly what I need, but not sure how to invoke it

Will continue digging around, may be there’s some kind of a plug-in or something out there, not sure

Can you post your exact requirments breaking down into steps?

I can definitely help with a plugin I have created but need to exact requirements first.