Controlling the Fields emailed by Tasks module

Hello everyone,

Can anyone tell me where to control the fields that are emailed out by the Tasks module?

I have looked in All --> Email Templates and do not see it.

Thank you


You’re probably looking for this, if I understand you correctly:

You can customize that file, see this to do it in an upgrade-safe manner:

Thank you very much. I was able to perform the customization using both articles and I see the descriptions of the fields appear, but not the actual entries.

One of the fields {CONTACT_NAME} that I want in the email is a part of the Create Tasks form, but even though I entered the contacts name before saving, and I added {CONTACT_NAME} to the template, all I see in the email is the label I gave it - Client Name:. It does not show their name

I would also like to insert the client’s phone number and the client’s address as well.

I do not need to show the phone number and address fields on the Create Tasks form (unless I have to).

I would just like them in the email sent.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you


I had never come across this limitation, but I guess what is happening is that those are related fields, they are not saved in the database together with the task, but rather as references to the other table (contacts). It seems the code doing the replacements in templates is not smart enough to traverse those references, so you get only what is possible from within the Tasks module.

Are you a developer, can you do a bit of PHP? You could try and find out the code that does those replacements and improve it. Probably here:

Remember that is generic code for every module, not just Tasks.

Thank you again for your reply. I’m not a developer, but I’ll work with one you get the changes made.

Thx again for all your help.